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Submitted on
June 3, 2012


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Why yes hello, my Petunias. (I wish I had those in my garden right now!)
This one will be extra long!

Contest Winner Features

:iconayamemarquis: won our painting/drawing category, their gallery filled with delicious pieces of art, excellent in concept and composition, and makes good use of some of my personal favourite art mediums ;)
:thumb280393993: ...Where you can't hide by AyameMarquis Scream of the butterfly by AyameMarquis

:iconkirei-rc: recieved our honourable mention for traditional art (And, keep a secret? My vote!) and has a wide variety in that gallery, I really enjoyed looking through between the elegance and the emotion.
TEGAKI REUNION by kirei-rc SS: Effier-Sxy by kirei-rc Painting for Moms by kirei-rc

:iconevalithimortality: won the photgraphy (and photo-manipulations, mind you) category with a piece that definately stood out from the rest.. Just like everything in the rest of her gallery!
Killer headache? by Evalithimortality BW skull by Evalithimortality Jax by Evalithimortality

:iconbiencutza: recieved the honourable mention of the photography category. I had an awfully hard time picking out of her gallery just three. Love the concepts so much, I might steal a few ideas.. Oh I mean, no I won't.
Heal My Wounds by biencutza Wish I May by biencutza Red by biencutza

:iconem0------girl: won our literature category with some writing that really plucks at the senses.
:thumb269175695: :thumb264542919: :thumb276069485:

:iconmoonlitemeadows: recieved our honourable mention for the literature category. Her work connects you in a personal level, and has some neat visual art in her gallery to boot.
4. Rivalry - Kaitlyn's Past4. Rivalry 
Kaitlyn's Perspective
by Moonlite Meadows
Calil couldn't really fit into the table, so I had him lay down on our small couch. His head lagged over one side, and his rear off the other. He looked very comical lying there, trying to adjust while avoiding the little reading lamp my roommate had put on the side table. I chuckled as I lit our old stove and started preparing scrambled eggs. I cracked eight eggs into the pan, thinking he must eat a ton, when suddenly it dawned on me. 
"Do you eat eggs?" I asked. It had never occurred to me to ask, most people can eat eggs, and he wasn't really... human.
"Yes, I eat egas." He fumbled with the words, like he had when I first stumbled by that alley. It seemed the more we talked, the more he understood, and the better his English became. He was a fast learner. Was it a he, or a she anyways? With a voice so husky, it was always hard to tell....
I suddenly started to laugh. Silly Kaitlyn, why does it matter? He's a magical cre
Portal to the Soul by MoonliteMeadows This Little Heart of MineThis little heart of mine
Made of a glass so fine
A precious gem is hidden inside
Unlocked by eyes blue as the tide
A warning to all who seek
This fragile heart to tweak
A word of caution to my friends
Who may meet the untimely end
Self destruction
A heart so wary and shy
It let's love just pass by
Silent and breakable it waits
With a gem inside as bait
It waits for the key to it's wings
Waiting here for a turn to sing

May Features

And a way down here we have the lovely new monthly feature. Please excuse anything organized in polygonal shapes, references to wrestling, or any bias towards anything bewildering, cheerful, dazzling, or that which shows great effort.

In the "Traditional Art" corner,

Avatar Aang's last days. by ethongtian Chikorita Fanart #152 by Sadako-xD Coulrophobia by AmyCornelson

In the "Digital Art" corner,

eat away my life. by andreabecker True as it can be by aletheiapax doneish by R00-ha-ha

In the "Manga and Anime" corner,

Don't mess with Time, or it'll mess with You! by ICanReachTheStars kioku by bodymemory I'll wait till Hanami ends by KuroCyou

In the "Photography" corner,

Fall by LightingDarkness Lorikeet by SarahVlad Subtraction. by WyseGuy5

In the "Literature" corner,

born dead by CreativeWhisper The SadistThe Sadist:
I love it most when they scream in pain;
Cliched as that might sound.
Their tearful pleading exhilarates me;
Especially when they are unbound...
I adore the feeling of letting them run
In the knowledge that they won't get away.
I'm afraid that once you enter my lair;
You are simply here to stay...
My greatest joy is in wresting confessions
For in pain they admit to any crime.
How many times have they renounced their devils
Squealing all the time...
A white hot poker, can work such wonders
The tightest of tongues will turn to slack.
I like to hold it against their flesh;
Until it blisters, chars and goes utterly black...
The smell of flesh that has been branded by iron
Is purer than the air in the highest of peaks.
The kind of refreshment I need to find;
Is something obtained from the weak...
My favourite victims are the witchling girls;
For they are used to calling on magic.
Take that away they are but mewling kittens;
A fate which is r

In the "Resources and Tutorials" corner,

head_proportions_tutorial. by Lady2 How To .gif-Animations in GIMP by Mynimi94 Various Modern Photoshop FX Layer Styles by KoolGfx

In the "Animation" corner,

You spin me right round by RobinHedberg Nightmarish snarl by InkyMonster Brawl of the Gangs by Speedvore

In the last remaining corner, we have in the "Crafts" corner,

make art not war by RachelLuijk Minnie Mouse Steampunk Heart by Lucky978 With every drink, get an emotion or three! by conorsully

Please note that this polygon has equal sides and equal angles. No corner is greater or smaller than another! The order of the corners announced has no direct relation to the value of importance of each corner. Thank you!

Donor Features

This section is under :iconphasellus:'s care. Go pm 'er and tell her to get to work.

If you want to be featured here, please donate points to us! More information is here:…
Best of luck in your artistic endeavors,
KuroCyou Jun 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the feature! :D
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